[QUARTZ] Some pins bug fixes

Robert Shearman rob at codeweavers.com
Sat Aug 14 08:25:35 CDT 2004

Christian Costa wrote:

> Hi,
> Changelog:
> Don't fail a connection because an input pin does not expose the 
> IMemInputPin interface (pull pins typically).

This seems wrong. The FileAsyncReaderPin (and any other output pin that 
connects to a pull pin) should override the pConnectSpecific function so 
that it doesn't query for IMemInputPin. I can't explain why this isn't 
currently done.

> Fixed a bug that made the connection possible whereas no suitable 
> media type has be found during the negociation.

Good catch.

> Fixed the release of the media sample in PullPin_Thread_Process. 

Again, good catch. I see now that without this fix we would have leaked 
ref counts on the IMediaSample object.

> Added and fixed a lot of traces.

I don't really like the (%p/%p)->... notation, but if it helps you in 
debugging then it's fine.


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