[QUARTZ] Some bug fixes

Robert Shearman rob at codeweavers.com
Sat Aug 14 08:50:53 CDT 2004

Christian Costa wrote:

>>> Avoid indefinite wait when calling GetOverlappedResult. 
>> This shouldn't happen. GetOverlappedResult should do a wait on the 
>> event object, just like the wait above that succeeds (and 
>> GetOverlappedResult is called) or times out (and GetOverlappedResult 
>> is not called). I suspect that the bug is elsewhere, perhaps an event 
>> should be created for each request and then WaitForMultipleObjects used.
> BTW, I meant infinite wait...
> Well, some lines above the GetOverlappedResult, there is a 
> WaitForSingleObject on the event and since the event is resetted
> automatically there (the event is not manual) GetOverlappedResult will 
> wait forever.
> There is no bug elsewhere its a rather simple win32 related problem.
> Anyway, we may make use of a manual event for real asynchronous requests.
> The avi splitter don't do that at the moment so the current 
> implementation is enough.

Ah, yes. In that case the patch is correct.

> Thanks for the comments. :-)

You're welcome.


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