Adventures in serial port.

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Mon Aug 16 06:00:17 CDT 2004

Scott Snell wrote:

>  However I have struck a problem.  My windows program
>code links in a .lib file that is provided by a third party.  Can I link
>this library file into my winelib project, and if so how? I cant seem to
>find any recent discussion on this topic

One way I know is to wrap the .Lib in a .DLL on windows with MSVC or 
MinGW. Than use the DLL in your winelib.
On the winelib side you have to make a .SPEC file for your windows DLL.
Look in previous threads and  in winelib documentation for how to make a 
.spec file of your dll, and how to link to it.

If you use MSVC do use a .DEF file because winebuild used to have 
problems with "__declspec(export)" functions exported from DLLS. (maybe 
it was fixed I'm not really up to date)

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