winealsa dsound capture message patch

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Tue Aug 17 19:41:37 CDT 2004

Robert Reif <reif at> writes:

> Adds missing wine specific dsound capture message support.

This patch causes the dsound capture test to hang for me. Here's the
output I get before killing it:

capture.c:230:Testing Primary Sound Capture Driver - winealsa.drv
fixme:wave:widDsCreate DirectSoundCapture not implemented
The (slower) DirectSound HEL mode will be used instead.
capture.c:256:  DirectSoundCapture Caps: size=16 flags=0x00000020 formats=fffff channels=2
capture.c:331:  Testing the capture buffer at 8000x8x1 PCM
capture.c:123:    Caps: size = 16 flags=0x00000000 buffer size=8000
capture.c:142:    tag=0x0001 8000x8x1 avg.B/s=8000 align=1
capture.c:154:    status=0x0000

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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