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On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 01:44:01PM -0500, James Hawkins wrote:
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> Hey Tom,
> printdlg AFAIK is very close to being complete.  The only things I can
> think of that would need to be done concerning the print dialog is to
> verify how windows handles the printer stats (Status, Type, Where,
> Comment) when no printer is selected/installed.  Another thing that
> could be implemented is the printer help.  I will have to test out the
> print properties dialog when i set up my printer in a week.  I dont
> really know anything about Page Setup or Print Property Sheet, but I
> will definitely look into it now.

I'm not sure this helps, but as a Windows user, I recall that Page Setup
usually goes into things like: Page Size (i.e. A4/Letter/Legal, etc.),
Page Margins, Orientations, among other things -- in most linux based
systems, such as CUPS, that is set in either command line options or in
the actual printer configuration, something which might be tricky.  If I
remember right, Print Properties (or a similar dialog) goes into
printer/driver specific setup options, such as the print quality and
such, and testing features - and is similar or the same as the software
included with most printers, such as the HP Toolbox provided with some
HP Inkjets.  This may or may not vary from software to software, from
windows version to windows version, or from printer to printer.


Hope I helped any.
-Michael Chang

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