iostream and msvcrt?

Scott Snell ssnell at
Wed Aug 25 01:36:54 CDT 2004

Hi Boaz,

Have been off the case for a few days.  Is it possible for you to post a
copy of your stl_wine.h, stlcomp.h and makefile?  I seem to be missing
something as I cant get it to work.



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> Subject:	Re: iostream and msvcrt?
> You need to have your stlport/config/stl_wine.h (I based mine on 
> stl_mycomp.h, not stl_gcc.h) and change /stlport/config/stlcomp.h to 
> include it (based on a WINE_GCC flag). You need to do that because of 
> the way STLPort works with headers. you must put a path that will 
> Definitely select wine/msvcrt as the source of stdc. I used ../msvcrt in 
> the header and than Just fixed up the -I list in makefiles (and the 
> WINE_GCC flag or is there a flag that is defined by wingcc).
> Free Life
> Boaz

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