Get rid of W->A calls : help me help ?

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at
Wed Aug 25 10:27:05 CDT 2004

James Hawkins wrote:
> Hey Joris,
>     I started developing wine in exactly the same way you are
> starting: working on the janitorial projects.  My current project is
> converting the crypt cross calls, and it is almost finished, but im
> waiting for my CryptSetProviderExA patch to be committed before I send
> the rest of my cross call cleanup patches.
> If you would like I can write a little howto concerning W->A cross
> call cleanup and the like (unit tests).  There are a bunch of little
> nitpicky things you just have to know before you can really start
> cracking in on it...a while back i tried to submit a cleanup patch
> like 6 times and it was reject everytime because I didnt know the
> details yet.  So if you would like this information, let me know. 
> We're glad you're here to help with wine.

Hi James,

Yeah I would like that, thanks for suggesting :)
I'll try and do a search on unicode functions and stuff but -- well, you 
have seen more of wine specific details ...

Also, I think it'd be smart to put something like that online (like.. 
linking from the janitorial page to that one?)
By the way... Is there some kind of overview of what parts is already 
being worked on; we don't want to do double work right ;)

- Joris

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