Includes [4] shlwapi

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Dec 8 05:05:00 CST 2004

Jon Griffiths <jon_p_griffiths at> writes:

> winnls.h is included already by wine/unicode.h in url.c, so its not
> needed again there. The script I wrote basically comments out the
> includes one at a time, and restores any that caused a compile
> failure when missing. The worst that could happen is that a new
> warning could be generated, but I rebuilt all the files, check the
> build logs and believe I got them all.

The problem with that approach is that you remove a lot of headers
that are included anyway so it doesn't make any difference in build
time, and many of them will have to be added again once we finish the
header cleanup. For instance you remove winuser.h everywhere win.h is
included because win.h brings it in already, but once we get rid of
win.h we'll have to go back and re-add winuser.h.

What you should do is limit the changes to the cases where it makes an
actual difference in the dependency tree. You'll get the same
performance gain with a much smaller set of changes.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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