Announcing #winehackers

Mike Hearn mike at
Sun Feb 1 18:57:20 CST 2004

Hi guys,

One of the action items decided on at wineconf was to set up an IRC
channel for Wine developers. This channel now exists and is
#winehackers. Key points to be aware of are:

* It's on freenode

* It is for developers only, user tech support (how do i run
counterstrike?) etc should be/will be bounced to #winehq

* There are a  lot of ops. This is intentional. Often on #winehq there are
problems caused by users but there are no ops around (only like 3 guys
have op access to it). Me (TD), Mike McCormack (mike_m) and Francois
Gouget (fgouget) have the ability to add people to the auto-op list
through virtue of being the first guys into the channel.

* The channel is modelled after #gnome-hackers on gimpnet, which has been
a great success with buy-in from even their busiest, most core hackers
(hint hint alexandre :)

* All wine hackers are welcome, this most explicitly includes WineX dudes

* No topic is offtopic. 

Have fun! I'll submit a patch to add mention of it to the WineHQ website,
but #gnome-hackers grew to a huge number of people just through word of
mouth so there's no real hurry. Tell your friends,  rescue budding wine
hackers from the helpdesk that is #winehq etc. It's a resource that is
there to be used, so use it.

thanks -mike

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