Wine 0.9 TODO

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Tue Feb 3 00:21:29 CST 2004

Hi folks,

Here is the detailed TODO in all it's glory. We _really_ need to
get this over with, so please help us out to get this release
out the door. I'll mark names by the tasks based on conversations
I had with folks at WineConf (and on the list). If you notice any
mistakes, please let me know. Items marked with (???) have no owner.
If you think you can help on any of these (including ones that do
have owners!), please let me know. Help is needed and appreciated.
If it's not clear what needs to be done for any of these, get in 
touch with me, I'll be more than happy to help you get started.


  1. History page (Brian) [IN PROGRESS]
  2. Testing status (Ferec) [IN PROGRESS]
  3. I18n status (Vincent) [IN PROGRESS]
  4. Porting status (Dimi, Steven) [IN PROGRESS]
  5. Who's Who (Tom)
  6. Documentation page update (???)
  7. Download page (esp. source) needs work (???)
  8. Acknowledgment page (???)
  9. UI status update (???)
 10. Integrate API status into WineHQ (???)

B. Documentation
  User Guide
  1. Update configuration instructions based
     winecfg & regedit (???)
  2. Suggest winefile instead of Calmira (???)
  3. Misc cleanups (Dimi)

  Devel Guide
  1. Update COM section/widl (???)
  2. Redo Multimedia section (???)
  3. Add i18n section (Vincent)
  4. Suggest adding tests w/ patches (Dimi)
  5. Cross compilation on RH (Michael)
  6. Add section on KERNEL32 (???)
  7. Misc cleanups (Dimi)

  Winelib Guide
  1. Update around MinGW/winegcc (Dimi, Francois)
  2. Misc updates (Dimi)

C. Configuration
  1. Complete regedit (Attila) [IN PROGRESS]
  2. Complete winecfg (Chris, Mike)
  3. Setup API .inf scripts (Chris) [IN PROGRESS]

D. UI Code
  1. Visible region handling in server (Alexandre)
  2. Inter-process handle management (Urlich, Alexandre)

E. File Formats
  1. .spec files [DONE]
  2. .reg files [DONE]
  3. I18n output (Vincent) [IN PROGRESS]

F. Exported API
  1. DLL separation I [DONE]
  2. DLL separation II (Alexandre, Eric) [IN PROGRESS]
  3. wineserver protocol (Alexandre)

G. Tools
  1. winebuild: build DLLs from .def files (Alexandre)
  2. winegcc: add simple gcc-independence (Dimi)
  3. winegcc: generate DLLs/-shared (Dimi)
  5. winemaker: generate MinGW compatible makefiles (???)
  4. winemaker: use dsw2make from MinGW (???)
  5. winemaker: no configure script (???)
  6. autoconf: add all Wine-specific macros to the aclocal (???)
  7. winedesktop: create new tool (Alex) [IN PROGRESS]

H. Miscellaneous
  1. Testing daemon to run as a Windows service (???)
  2. Exec-shield support (???)
  3. Prelink support (???)
  4. Version symbols in libwine & libwine_unicode (Alexandre)
  5. Find packager for a PE-build of Wine on SF (???)
  6. Standardize Wine handling in autoconf (Dimi)


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