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Andreas Mohr andi at
Fri Feb 6 07:42:05 CST 2004


On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 04:51:02PM -0800, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Andreas Mohr <andi at> writes:
> > Also, why did it take so long to tackle that?
> > (I had this error several weeks ago already)
> > There have been multiple reports by different people that 2.6.x is broken,
> > yet not too much of a reaction.
> > Oh, and to top it: it's still broken ;-)
> You are right, this is a scandal. You should ask for a refund.
I DID, but for some strange reason they refused to refund me the $0 :-)
Oh, and I'll threaten to demand license fees from you, since that joke is
(c) Andreas Mohr.
(remember my "money back guarantee" phrase on the web site? ;-)

> > Any actually working fix available, or should I try to work on a fix?
> If you want a fix, then working on it is certainly more useful than
> complaining. You could start by sending me an strace log of the
> problem, as well as your dlls/ntdll/virtual.o file.
Hmm, I think I'd like to finally do some debugging on my own again.
Could you tell me which CVS patch was supposed to resolve these mmap issues?
(I didn't find it)
But OTOH I got reports that some people didn't have issues with 2.6.x
and mmap on CD-ROM, so I'm a bit confused right now...
Anyway, I'll have to look at that.


Andreas Mohr

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