ListView painting (was Re: Mouse up vs Mouse click)

Maxime Bellengé maxime.bellenge at
Tue Feb 3 13:53:17 CST 2004

I think there are still problems with that patch because, in emule
when I change the size of a column, the selected row is not repainted
correctly, only some area of it are.
The style is fullrowselect and ownerdraw.

Only the new space of the column whose size has increased is repainted


On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 16:35, Fabian Cenedese wrote:
> At 10:12 02.02.2004 -0500, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> >I don't think behaviour in the LVS_OWNERDRAWFIXED case is explicitly documented,
> >but I think it should behave as in the LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT case. In other words,
> >I think your patch is correct, please submit it to wine-patches.
> Done. Thanks :)
> bye  Fabi
Maxime Bellengé <maxime.bellenge at>

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