SHDOCVW: Mozilla Active X control embedding done right

Mike McCormack mike at
Sat Feb 14 21:05:51 CST 2004

Hi Dimi,

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> Very cool indeed Mike! One thing that I've noticed is that the code
> uses a lot of Mozilla dependent names, but the only thing that's
> actually Mozilla specific is the CLSID. Shouldn't we just read that
> info from the registry (from some sort of HtmlControl key), so that
> people can experiment with other things as well (e.g. IE) just by
> changing the configuration?

Well, the way to experiment with IE is to do:

"shdocvw" = "native"

since shdocvw is part of Internet Explorer itself.

> Another thing:
>     +    if( !SHDOCVW_GetMozctlPath( szPath, sizeof szPath ) )
> where szPath is an array of WCHAR, so you pass the size in bytes
> (sizeof szPath).I hope that's OK (I have to run now, and I don't
> have time to look up Reg* docu). :)

I'm pretty sure that RegQueryValueEx takes the size of the buffer in 
bytes, because it's not necessarily a WCHAR string that is being 
queried. My usage is a little non-stardard, and perhaps deserves a 
comment, but as Australians say : "she'll be right!".

Now the only thing to do is to somehow fix the mess I've made of mshtml. 
Perhaps we can get the Mozilla people to create another OLE object that 
exposes the same interfaces as CLSID_HtmlDocument...


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