Security in ReactOS and WINE with Lsass

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Sun Feb 15 14:53:49 CST 2004

Hello All,
I am running in to more and more programs that depend on having a
working Local Security subsystem. I have as a short-term solution
adapted some of the WINE hacks for advapi32 Lsa* functions in to
ReactOS but I would like to look at stubing out a lsass and moving all
of the hacks there so Wine and ReactOS can share more of this

I guess I am thinking that on Unix we can create as lsass.exe in
wine/programs that talks to the WINEserver and deals with the
unix<->Windows security mess and then on ReactOS we can implement our
own lsass. This should let us share most of the same code in user-mode.
Is this something that is do-able? If we try to follow this route with
lsass and implement it like rpcss in WINE then we should be able to
share most if not all of the code in question like we are going to try
to do with rpcrt4.


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