Download_source cleanup (todo a.7)

hatky hatkyinc at
Sun Feb 15 23:55:28 CST 2004

>Do you plan to "pretty" up the other pages?
I can't see anyothers on the todo list, I can clean
whatever page you need, but can do a little less in
writing real content (like the history and stuff)...

>Do you have a % of work done?
If someone could say what should be the end result I
could % it but as dimi said to me about this "It's not
clear to me what we need to do (!)"........

>Shoul'd we list you as the worker in this section?
Go a head I tought of patching the todo list myself
with this but wanted to see the patch commited first
to not be rude.

>Lots of questions eh?
Not really you should have read the #winehackers chat
we had about this ;)

If you got anyother rewrites for the site let me know
and yes I do like it in a published TODO list :)


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