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Hi folks,

> There is information in the platform sdk and on,
> which mainly documents the programming interface for mapi clients and
> servers.  Should be enough to get you seriously started, though.  Some
> investigation of your own will probably be necessary, too.

Okay, I'll have a look at it.

BTW: are the necessary structures already defined somewhere or do I
have to add them ?

> > c) some shorts words about what I may do and what I may not do 
> > (i.e. may I call external unix processes ? whats about fork() ?)
> I can't speak for wine policies, but we (ReactOS) really like it when
> the code is written in a very windows-like way - don't assume you're
> running on unix, and it'll make it easier for us to use your work too.

hmm, I first wanted to start with a small stub which calls sendmail.

before I'd start implementing the whole framework, I'd better start
writing a cross-platform-mailapi, which could replace things like
libclient+co and be reused in a write range of MUAs (i personally would
start with hacking it into mutt :)). 
this framework could also be ported to ros, and the mapi would just
be a adaptor between its clients and the crossplatform messaging api.

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