Broken pipe not detected

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Sun Feb 22 09:45:27 CST 2004

Uwe Bonnes <bon at> writes:

> Hallo Eric,Mike, Alexandre (and alll others),
> I sent some additional test for pipe to wine-patches. The
> last test with its todo_wine points out this behaviour.

Here is the test output on XP (MinGW cross-compiled):

pipe.c:820:test 1 of 4:
pipe.c:643: Test failed: CreateNamedPipe failed
pipe.c:645: Test failed: WriteFile to not-yet-connected pipe
pipe.c:647: Test failed: ReadFile from not-yet-connected pipe
pipe.c:651: Test failed: CreateFile failed
pipe.c:671: Test failed: CloseHandle
pipe.c:822:test 2 of 4:
pipe.c:262: Test failed: CreateNamedPipe failed
pipe.c:270: Test failed: CreateNamedPipe failed
pipe.c:272: Test failed: CloseHandle
pipe.c:273: Test failed: CloseHandle
pipe.c:282: Test failed: CreateNamedPipe failed
pipe.c:290: Test failed: nMaxInstances not obeyed
pipe.c:293: Test failed: CloseHandle
pipe.c:302: Test failed: CreateNamedPipe failed
pipe.c:310: Test failed: PIPE_ACCESS_* mismatch allowed
pipe.c:313: Test failed: CloseHandle
pipe.c:824:test 3 of 4: should be fixed
pipe.c:826:test 4 of 4:
pipe.c:147:test_CreateNamedPipe starting
pipe.c:172: Test failed: connecting to nonexistent named pipe should fail with ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND
pipe.c:184: Test failed: CreateNamedPipe failed
pipe.c:187: Test failed: CreateFile failed
pipe.c:246: Test failed: CloseHandle
pipe.c:248:test_CreateNamedPipe returning
-- Here kernel32_test.exe encounters a problem and needs to close --
-- I click the Don't send button --
pipe.c:752: Test failed: Read pipe failed
pipe.c:753: Test failed: Unexpected length of pipe read
pipe.c:830:all tests done
pipe: 44 tests executed, 0 marked as todo, 21 failures.


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