Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Tue Feb 24 05:34:05 CST 2004

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

>Now, before and put in too much infrastructure, I think we
>can start small as follows:
>  -- have people submit material to wine-devel
>  -- various folks (volunteers needed) will collect them
>     and post them in a nice, orderly manner to a special
>     area (TBD) on WineHQ
I volunteer to do the collecting. Maybe Brain can help me format it and 
post it on the site? All I need is a template and the procedure.
wine-devl is not good. It has a  40k size limit (got my 1Mg post 
rejected yesterday) . this is not big enough for paper + source code and 
project files. We need a bigger thing. Do we have  the General OK to 
host it on Winehq?

>This has the advantage of being a lot more controlled, and
>I'm sure the editorial review will pay off. If the volume
>becomes too big, we can consider in the future to automate
>the process. But until then, I think the manual approach is
No problems Help me with directions and I'll start. Than if I do a bad 
job you can all fire me later. That is of course if no one else wants to 
do it.
Maybe Brain or Jeremy Newman are more suited for this Job.

One more thing.
For the Post on CodeGuru/CodeProject, I thought on posting the porting 
of WinAMP. I want to pick that up and do it. Do you have any thing done, 
or should I start from scratch. OK I checked you can put me in as 
volunteers found.

Free Life

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