buffer too small for currency

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at indel.ch
Tue Feb 24 08:00:55 CST 2004

>I get this warning when I try to start a basic program. This comes from the
>function VARIANT_GetLocalisedNumberChars. I added some printfs and
>found that my currency is apparently "SFr.", so 4 chars plus zero which
>is too much for the 4 char buffer.

I continued this one too (I don't like unhandled exceptions :)
I found the problem but not how to solve it. It's in the file locale.c
As it stands now the value gets copied even if the buffer is too small which
nicely destroys the stack.

static INT get_registry_locale_info( LPCWSTR value, LPWSTR buffer, INT len )

    if (!status)
        ret = (size - info_size) / sizeof(WCHAR);
        /* append terminating null if needed */
        if (!ret || ((WCHAR *)info->Data)[ret-1])
            if (ret < len || !buffer) ret++;
                SetLastError( ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER );
                ret = 0;
        if (ret && buffer)
            memcpy( buffer, info->Data, (ret-1) * sizeof(WCHAR) );
            buffer[ret-1] = 0;

The found value (info->Data) should only be copied to (buffer) if its length (len)
is big enough. len is given in bytes (8 for the above call with a buffer of 4 WCHARs).
But the length of the data (ret) is in WCHAR units. So the comparison here
is completely wrong. Ok, I could change this to len/sizeof(WCHAR). But that's
still not enough because of the comparison before about info->Data[ret-1].

ret is calculated as 5 for the string "SFr.". I don't know if it's correct that it
includes the ending null. If it is then the test needs to be on info->Data[ret-2].
But if the size should be 4 somebody else needs to check which of these
(partly undocumented) functions should return a different size.

If I don't hear anything I'll take the easy road and send in a patch :)


bye  Fabi

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