crosstest compile fix (another)

Hans Leidekker hans at
Thu Feb 26 07:09:41 CST 2004

On Thursday 26 February 2004 00:06, Stefan Leichter wrote:

> I am sorry to tell you that the second way does not work for me. The error 
> message is attached (mingw.log). So i switched back to the Redhat version and 
> did
> cd /usr/local ; ln -s /usr/mingw i386-mingw32
> and in /usr/bin i need the links
> ln -s mingw-ar i386-mingw32-ar
> ln -s mingw-ranlib i386-mingw32-ranlib

Strange, I don't need those links. Is it only *-ar and *-ranlib
or all of them?

> Therefore i think the binutils package must be installed before building the 
> gcc package.

Just checked that and yes, you're right. I've changed the web page and
spec file accordingly.

> Than i removed the Redhat packages and installed your runtime and my binutils 
> and gcc package and stat'rted building mingw-3.2. This fails with a linker 
> error (attached: user.log).

It's the circular dependency again: you need to have MinGW installed
in order to build it. I thought it was only the mingw-runtime package
but it appears you need to have mingw-w32api installed as well. I've
updated the web page to reflect this. This is a problem with the upstream
sources by the way. Maybe we can solve this by splitting them up and
reordering them a bit, don't know, but I will look into this.

> I will try to build mingw-3.2 in the evening.

Keep me posted. 


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