event.c freezes on XFilterEvent

Vik vik at zone81.com
Thu Jan 1 09:05:48 CST 2004

Happy New Year!

> If I were you I would contect Mike McCormack & Jon Griffiths......
Thanks for the lead, I believe most of the current XIM patch code we use came 
from Mike's patch in 2002, and a mix of many other people's patches.
I'll see if I can get in touch with him... 

> I'm sure -debug info would be apprishiated.. 
I'm sure it is... although, I'm not too sure on how to go about doing this. 
I'm thinking the wine --debugmsg output is not going to help much, so when 
debugging something like this, would I have to go into gdb or something of 
that sorts? (sorry I'm still rather new to all this :) )

I suppose since the whole CJK support issue is on the TODO, it has to be dealt 
with some how sooner or later. I'm more than willing to invest some time on 
this, although I'm not sure how much I can do.

I'll see if I can "fix" it first and submit a patch here for review... :)
XIM and all can come later... It's more of an annoyance issue right now 
anyway, as I often hit shift+space by accident (while typing in English) and 
brings the application to a halt. One thing I can think of right now is to 
get rid of the XIM related calls and think about implementing it better. 
Although that might not be a good way to go about it...

> only the russians and french can spell correct in english :-) (we speak
> it, they fix spelling mistakes = 50/50)
Hehe. The important thing I guess is to get the point across :-)


Vikram Kumar
vik at zone81.com

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