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Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Fri Jan 2 17:47:29 CST 2004


I put together a feedback window for winetest.  The code is
somewhat inside-out to make it less intrusive, and the
dialog is ugly.  Where can one find a dialog editor?

1. If compiled with Winelib, the dialog stays on screen
   after the main thread finishes with the tests; under
   Windows, it disappears at once.

2. I am not sure what to do with the console which pops up
   under Windows.  Under Wine it comes and goes.

3. When the cross-compiled version run under Wine the GUI
   thread throws an exception at the very end.  It seems to
   come from the statusbar's WM_PAINT.  I am clueless.

4. How can I convert the icons into ASCII to put them into
   the resource script?

5. Do we actually need textual output at all?

Comments are welcome.  Find the programs/winetest directory
enclosed.  A cross-compiled binary is also available at


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