Winetest progress bar

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Sat Jan 3 03:29:39 CST 2004

On January 2, 2004 06:47 pm, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>                Hi,
> I put together a feedback window for winetest.  The code is
> somewhat inside-out to make it less intrusive, and the
> dialog is ugly.  Where can one find a dialog editor?

Nice! A few suggestions about the dialog:
  -- The progress bars can use some clearer labeling
     (about what they actually track). Maybe the text
     above the bars should start with something like:
         "Extracting: ..."
         "Running: ..."
         "Transfering: ..."
     where "..." is:
	- empty when the step has not yet started
	- the name of the test for the first two,
	  and just "In Progress" for the third,
	  when in progress :)
	- "Done" when the step has completed
  -- The edit boxes displaying the dirs are way too small
     We should just make the dialog a lot wider, no?
  -- Maybe we should move the stop button below, because:
	- it will allow more space for the dir boxes
	- we haven't reached any vertical space constraints
	- we might need more buttons, like an "About" button
	  that displays some info about what the heck this
	  program is doing, etc.

> Anyway:
> 1. If compiled with Winelib, the dialog stays on screen
>    after the main thread finishes with the tests; under
>    Windows, it disappears at once.

This is a bug in Wine, don't worry about it for now. Having
a Winelib version is important so that others that don't have
Windows can contribute, and while this is a little annoying,
it's no showstopper. Of course, we should eventually fix this...

> 2. I am not sure what to do with the console which pops up
>    under Windows.  Under Wine it comes and goes.

It did go away when I've ran it (under Win2k). Would be nice
if it went away, but I think this is up to each individual
user to configure IIRC. IOW, don't worry about it :)

> 3. When the cross-compiled version run under Wine the GUI
>    thread throws an exception at the very end.  It seems to
>    come from the statusbar's WM_PAINT.  I am clueless.

Wine bug, obviously. Same comment as in (1) applies.

> 4. How can I convert the icons into ASCII to put them into
>    the resource script?

tools/bin2res. Just run "tools/bin2res -h" for help on how
to use it. Search for the BINRES marker in other .rc files
for some actual running examples.

> 5. Do we actually need textual output at all?

On the user side? Not really, but it would be nice to have it
in case the user wants to make sure no unwanted information
is sent from their computer. This can be the very purpose of
yet another button at the bottom of the dialog :)

> Comments are welcome.  Find the programs/winetest directory
> enclosed. 

A diff would be so much better :)

> A cross-compiled binary is also available at
> <>.

Cool, pretty smooth! The example HTML summary seems to be older, no?
Also, it has no colour in either Konqy nor IE, it seems that the CSS
is busted (wrong URL?).


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