#pre5 - comdlg32 MS_VC + PSDK porting

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 4 12:39:09 CST 2004

I am calling this patch pre5 rather than #5 because it doesnt fully
address the rest of the PSDK porting issues and one of my new years
resolutions for 2004 is for every patch I send to winehq to be good
enough to go right in to CVS. ;)

With this patch we can build 90% of comdlg32 on MS_VC with the PSDK
except for one major bug and one minor question.

1. Can we please fix winnt.h line 175? This #define NONAMELESSSTRUCT
thing is wrong. It breaks building on the PSDK and w32api. I have not
be able to find any thing about it in Microsofts documentation or
headers. If we removed support for it its going to break GCC 2.8.xx but
if someone is on 2.8 its time to upgrade.

/me is quoting here from the Microsoft headers under Fair use and all
of that......

// For compilers that don't support nameless unions
#define DUMMYUNIONNAME          u
#define DUMMYUNIONNAME2         u2
#define DUMMYUNIONNAME3         u3
#define DUMMYUNIONNAME4         u4
#define DUMMYUNIONNAME5         u5

Thats it. All I can find is the DUMMYUNION stuff in some of the
headers. If we just remove support for DUMMYSTRUCT in WINE its going to
break a lot of stuff so we will prob'l need to perl script the cleanup.

2. Do you want me to dump printdlg.h now and compleate the cleanup or
can it wait untill after the DUMMYSTRUCT thing is fixed? I can move the
rest of the structures and internal function declairations to cdlg.h
and cdlg16.h now but I want to wait till I can get printdlg.c to
compile with out bitching about missing member s1 and u1 blah...


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