Using winebuild explicitly

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Mon Jan 5 15:04:11 CST 2004

> There is at least one difference in using a wrapper & dll vs.
> using a single executable: The function GetModuleFileName
> doesn't yield the path to the program (the wrapper) with the
> wrapper-approach (there was some discussion on this in another
> recent thread). Thus, having such flag in winegcc would indeed
> be nice...

Alexandre is working on a patch to completely remove the
need for such wrapper. Hopefully it will be committed soon
enough so we will not have to create such an option.
> Did so. wineg++ invokes winewrap (without passing on the
> "-v" flag, though) which in turn generates same files 
> and compiles them. 

Yes, it doesn't, but you can just copy the winewrap command, add the -v and invoke it manually.

> The directory in which lives, is contained in my
> /etc/ Are you saying this should be enough for gcc
> to find the library file?

Right, that's how I thought it's supposed to work.
Did you rebuild the ld cache after updating /etc/


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