#5 - Re: #pre5 - comdlg32 MS_VC + PSDK porting

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 5 16:39:23 CST 2004

--- Alexandre Julliard <julliard at winehq.com> wrote:
> > I am calling this patch pre5 rather than #5 because it doesnt fully
> > address the rest of the PSDK porting issues and one of my new years
> > resolutions for 2004 is for every patch I send to winehq to be good
> > enough to go right in to CVS. ;)
> That's certainly won't happen if you don't attach the patch <g>

Hehe your right. Its a good thing it was called pre5. 

After this one there are still a few minor things with one of the
source files calling Heap_StrsupWtoA that needs to be moved inline and
the NONAMELESS stuff. I have not done any work to address the
NONAMELESSSTRUCT stuff except to just remove all cases of s1.u1 in
ReactOS sources I ported. None of my patches to wine-patches reflect
this change. If this is accepted I will send a patch in a few days to
remove printdlg.h and to move a strdupW2A function inline in the
offending source file. Once these changes are done and the NONAMELESS
stuff is solved then comdlg32 will be mostly done of all Win16/32, PSDK
and Wineism cleanups. I think there is a function or two left that I
need to check the declairations of like I have been with NetAPI32 and


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