Wineconf update, RFC re remote participation

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Jan 6 14:36:36 CST 2004

Hi folks,

Okay, I've updated the Wineconf page:

One thing I would like to do is to stream audio
from the conference out to the web and also work very hard
to include folks from #winehq (or maybe #wineconf) 
in some of the sessions.

The sessions I thought made particular sense were
the ones around Wine 1.0 as well as on OLE and Games.

Does anyone recall being remote to the last Wineconf?  
Did it work at all?  Is there anything we could/should do to 
enable others to join us, if only virtually?
(Please feel free to tell me that it didn't work worth beans
and we should just drop it, btw <g>).

Other thoughts or comments?



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