dll name length (was: Windows dll replacement with Linux library)

Dan Timis timis at museresearch.com
Tue Jan 6 21:04:29 CST 2004

I finally figured out what my problem was.  If the name of the library 
is "USBUtils" it works, if it is "USBDeviceUtils" it doesn't.  Actually 
the max length I can use is 11 characters.  That is probably 15 
characters including ".dll"

In my config file all filesystems are "win95"  The version is "nt40"

Is there any way to configure wine to support longer names?


Dan Timis
Sounds Just Right, Inc.

> From: Dan Timis <timis at museresearch.com>
> On Saturday, January 3, 2004, at 01:07 AM, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
>>> I'm new to this so please bear with me.
>>> First I edited the Makefile and replaced gcc with winegcc.  When I 
>>> run
>>> "make" I get this error when it tries to link:
>>> could not open .def file for kernel32
>>> Error: /usr/bin/winebuild failed.
>>> Error: /usr/bin/winewrap failed.
>> Can you please send me the command that generates this? Just to make
>> sure that we're on the same page, use winegcc (for now) just for
>> building
>> the test application, not the DLL.
>>> Then, I ran ./configure --help and it says that you can use the "CC"
>>> var to specify the compiler.  I started from scratch, set "export
>>> CC=winegcc", then ran configure again.  The output looks like this:
>>> checking whether make sets {$MAKE}... yes
>>> checking for gcc... winegcc
>>> checking for C compiler default output... configure: error: C 
>>> compiler
>>> cannot create executables
>> This is very odd. winegcc should be configure friendly (it does work
>> for
>> wxWindows BTW). Hey, what version of Wine are you using? I do hope 
>> it's
>> the latest CVS...
> I am using an older version 20030618.  It's hard to change, other
> people depend on this particular version and I would have to upgrade
> several machines.  I could try on one machine, but...
> A colleague who dealt with similar problems in the past helped me.  He
> added this to Makefile.in
> # generate a .def "import library" file from the spec file
> $(usbutils_dll_DEF): $(usbutils_dll_SPEC_SRCS) Makefile.in
> 	$(WINEBUILD) --def $(usbutils_dll_SPEC_SRCS) > $(usbutils_dll_DEF)
> Both the .dll.so and the .def go in /usr/lib/wine/wine.  Earlier I
> noticed that there was no .def file.  That was our clue.
> For the test we added the library to the list of wine dlls in
> Makefile.in.
> It's working.
> I'm still a little confused, but I understand much more than a week
> ago.  Thanks.
> Dan Timis
> Muse Research, Inc.

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