dll name length

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 7 13:53:12 CST 2004

Dan Timis a écrit :
> I finally figured out what my problem was.  If the name of the library 
> is "USBUtils" it works, if it is "USBDeviceUtils" it doesn't.  Actually 
> the max length I can use is 11 characters.  That is probably 15 
> characters including ".dll"
> In my config file all filesystems are "win95"  The version is "nt40"
> Is there any way to configure wine to support longer names?
IIRC, this has been fixed in recent wine snapshots (there's was a buffer 
too short somewhere). So either upgrade your wine version, or retrofit 
the fix in your version (as you don't seem to be ready to upgrade).


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