PATCH: Editing DLL overrides in winecfg

Robert Shearman R.J.Shearman at
Wed Jan 7 15:55:17 CST 2004

> Let me get this straight: dll overrides specificy whether you want to
> use the windows dll or wine dll, right? So, when you put it on "", this
> is essentially the same as leaving the dll override out?

No. Leaving the DLL override out will make Wine use the default override
policy. Specifying "" means that Wine shouldn't load that library. In other
words, a disable option. It is occasionally useful for setup programs, like
the DCOM one that won't install if one of the Wine DLLs is present.

> And how is "native" different from "native, builtin"? Will Wine refuse
> to load the dll at all, when it's configured to use a native dll and it
> cannot find one?


> And do you really think the user should be troubled by having these 5
> options? After all, we wanted to keep winecfg simple, not complete, right?

I think you could make it quite simple. Just have six options:
o Use default override setting
o Use Wine built-in always
o Try loading Wine built-in first, then if not present, Windows native
o Try Windows native first, then if not present Wine built-in
o Use Windows native always
o Disable this DLL


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