deadlock on some X environments

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Thu Jan 8 19:00:02 CST 2004

Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> writes:

> OK, there's a known locking problem in Xrender in Xfree
> 4.2, so that's why (in fact there are many Xrender bugs in
> that version, you may want to upgrade).

The terminals aren't mine, and as you may already know I'm
using 4.1, which is flawless, so I'm safe.

> Anyway, we'll probably have to get rid of XInitThreads for
> now, and leave Linux threading a few more years to catch
> up. After all Windows has only had working threads for
> what, 10 years now. Sigh...

Smelling some sarcasm here... right?

>> Btw, is something wrong with my LoadStringA tests?
> I'll move it back up in the queue.

Thanks, I've seen the commit.

Feri. :)

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