Direct3D8 - OpenGL header problem

Vincent Béron vberon at
Sat Jan 10 14:47:49 CST 2004

Le mer 07/01/2004 à 11:34, Thomas Brix Larsen a écrit :
> Hi list, just upgraded to 2.6.0 and the NVIDIA driver from
> and now I get this error when compiling wine:
> directx.c: In function `IDirect3D8Impl_GetDeviceCaps':
> directx.c:639: `GL_MAX_VERTEX_UNITS_ARB' undeclared (first use in this
> function)
> My X11/include/GL/ headers date, 2001-2002.

Don't install NVIDIA's headers then, keep the ones you had before
(XFree86, Mesa).

Older versions of the NVIDIA driver didn't include GL/glext.h, so
weren't affected.

Maybe Jason or Lionel or Rafael can take a look at how to prevent a
compilation problem here. I recall a push for including a set of GL
headers with Wine to get rid of all those compilation problems...


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