shell32 patches to be usable by ReactOS Explorer

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at
Sun Jan 11 12:34:22 CST 2004

> Martin, sending a bunch of patches compressed and in one message,
> makes them almost unreviewable but by the most die hards readers
> of wine-patches. It also makes it so much more difficult for
> Alexandre to split them up, match the ChangeLog, review them, etc.
> Please stick to one-(uncompressed, inlined)-patch-per-email-messsage
> rule, it's so much better for everybody.

Yes, I am aware of that.
This patch is the result of four weeks work (not only of me), spending
most of the time with debugging, as most of those stuff is pretty
undocumented by Microsoft. It's not possible to simply look at the
ReactOS CVS history to separate out patches for every small piece
of change. If you want me to send in it this way, this would take
me another week. I don't think, it's worth that.
It would be better to commit the code changes in one transaction.
Shell32 has been quite incomplete before this patch, and it's also
far from complete with this patch.

Why I have compressed the attachments:
Well, I don't think every one on the list wants to read the changes,
which are not very readable at their own. And reading through endless
hex numbers of shres.rc is also not very interesting.



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