Wine User's guide : using Windows ODBC driver manager seems to work

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Thu Jan 15 00:23:59 CST 2004

Yes it works. My QA tested it throughly with MSSQL driver and there are 
no reported problems.
The best way to go is a free download from Microsoft. mdac_typ.exe . 
Just Install it under wine and off you go. Also many MS applications 
Install them (like office).
Than in system folder find cliconfig.exe & odbcad32.exe put them on the 
desktop. These are the same apps from the windows control panel. (you do 
have .exe associate with wine! yes?)

Emmanuel Charpentier wrote:

> Following a suggestion in Wine User's Guide, (§ 1.1.2), I'd like to 
> suggest an addition.
> The "ODBC" section (§ 5.12) gives details (§ 5.12.1) about the use of 
> the native ODBC driver, routed through a fake "builtin" ODBC driver. I 
> have not yet had to test it in real conditions. All I can tell is that 
> I wasn't able to use it to "Attach" (M$ jargon) Postgres data in MS 
> Access (see PPS for the setup) : when I tried to select "ODBC sources" 
> from the "Attach tables" dialog, I got immediately an error box from 
> unixODBC telling me that no data source was specified.
> However, the User's Guide is quite terse about the Windows ODBC 
> driver. Exhaustive quotation : " Does anyone actually have any 
> experience of this and anything to add?".
> Well, I do. In the same setup as before, I have been able to use the 
> *native* odbc32.dll ODBC driver by pulling it from a real Windows 
> instalation and adding "odbc32"="native,builtin" in the config file. I 
> Installed the psqlodbc driver from the Postgres database, and retried 
> : selecting "ODBC sources" in the "Attach tables" dialog box led me to 
> the usual ODBC manager dialogs, where I have been able to create a DSN 
> to my Postgres database. I have then been able to "Atach" my Postgres 
> tables and views to an M$ Access database and peruse them.
> My conclusion is that such a setup can be used, if only to be able to 
> export MS Access data to a more reasonable database manager. This 
> information could be of some help to some people, and I'd like to see 
> it reflected in the User's guide.
> Of course, I'm aware that such a quick test is no substitute to real 
> tests and explorations. Feel free to reach to me for further 
> information, test cases, etc ...
> Sincerely yours,
>                     Emmanuel Charpentier
> PS : I'm not on this list. Please Cc: me if you wishme to react to 
> your answers.
> PPS : Setup : Debian (unstable), 2.4.21 kernel, Wine 20031212 as 
> packaged in Debian, Win98SE (french), "fake windows" setup, using 
> native stdole.tlb, ole32.dll, oleaut32.dll, rpcrt4.dll and, of course, 
> odbc32.dll, MS Office 97 (installed without a hitch from the CD, 
> except for a "Can't DDE connect to desktop" error in the setup, 
> ignored) + SR1 parch. I have had success with SR2b, but this needs a 
> lot more native DLLs, and I can't recall them at the moment (work 
> machine).

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