dropped mouse movement when playing CS while running another application with Wine

Jan Brunner brunner at intergga.ch
Thu Jan 15 09:24:56 CST 2004

Hello guys.

I got CS running quite playable with and without Steam but with Steam 
mouse movement gets dropped sometimes (the sensitivity feels much lower).

I experimented a bit and found out that this problem happens whenever 
Wine is running more than just hl.exe (e.g. CS + Winamp).

In case this helps: Probably a bit of movement gets dropped while 
running CS only, too: Sensitivity 4.1 with Wine is about the same as 4.0 
in Windows. It's constant though, so it doesn't matter.

Any ideas on what causes the problem and how to fix it?

Best regards,
Jan Brunner <brunner at intergga.ch>

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