GetCommandLine issue with Dungeon Keeper

Duane Clark dclark at
Tue Jan 20 22:08:43 CST 2004

Frank Schruefer wrote:
> (
> REPOST, again: I was told that my massages need long time to appear because
> I'm not subscribed as frank.schruefer at, ok, but my postings as
> wine at (which I'm subscribed as) never come through.
> Maybe that is because mozilla only allows configuration for one outgoing
> mailserver which is the t-online one?
> Anything I could do about the situation?
> )

Oops, I should have answered the last question. A simple fix would be to 
also subscribe the address frank.schruefer at .... Since I assume you just 
don't want postings sent there, once you subscribe, go to your 
subscription settings web page: ...
(it should be listed in the welcome email you receive) and turn on 
"Disable mail delivery". There is no problem subscribing multiple email 

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