Still trying to get Wine running with kernel 2.6

Thomas Brix Larsen killar at
Sat Jan 24 11:01:49 CST 2004

Hi list,

I'm still trying to get Wine running with kernel 2.6.

I've finally got Wine built (OpenGL header prob.), but now it says this
about files that Wine could run before my switch to 2.6:

$ wine machine.exe:

Warning: Language '' was not recognized, defaulting to English.
err:module:map_image Could not map section .text, file probably
wine: could not load L"G:\\Corp\\machine.exe" as Win32 binary

The only program (Skype) I have which actually starts (or well, almost
starts) displays a msgbox:

Exception EAccessViolation in module uxtheme.dll at 000063BE.
Acess violation at adress 427963BE in module 'uxtheme.dll'. Write of
adress 00000000.

Any help?

Thomas Brix Larsen <killar at>

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