shell32 patch 20

Jakob Eriksson jakov at
Sun Jan 25 06:48:57 CST 2004

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

>"Rolf Kalbermatter" <rolf.kalbermatter at> wrote:
>>I was under the impression that it was desirable to cross compile as many
>>dlls as possible in different environments.
>Yes, that's a desirable task, but only if does not require to break Wine
>source accomplishing it.

Depending on how you define break, that argument can be used to stop
almost any patch to Wine, if the goal happens to be cross compilation.

I understand your fight against code duplication and such, but IMHO cross
compilation is something that needs to happen.

We need to look at code duplication at a level not only within Wine,
but between ReactOS and Wine.  Forking a dll between projects is also a 
lot of
code duplication.


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