Named pipes

Peter Riocreux par+wine_devel at
Wed Jan 28 09:55:30 CST 2004

Mike McCormack <mike at> writes:

> Peter Riocreux wrote:
> > fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub
> > warn:heap:HEAP_ValidateInUseArena Heap 40220000: invalid in-use arena magic for 402576a0
> > warn:ole:create_marshalled_proxy Could not open named pipe to broker \\.\pipe\{46A9F31C-E868-11D4-8BC9-000102A831DC}, le is 2
> > [last message repeated indefinitely]

> This is a problem with OLE32, not with named pipes.  The interprocess
> marshalling code in Wine's OLE32 implementation is not yet complete...

Thanks for the diagnosis. Is it something that someone is working on,
but just not finished, or is it something that nobody is really
attacking at the moment? The status system on the website suggests it
is 60% complete, and it was last mentioned in WWN #117, but that isn't
necessarily a guide to activity on it.

Is it something that someone not steeped in the magic of Wine/Windows
might be able to hack on? If it is practical for me to do so in my
limited spare time, I would happily write code in exchange for guidance...


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