Posix Subsystem for ReactOS - Project 2010

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at shemesh.biz
Wed Jan 28 16:42:30 CST 2004

Steven Edwards wrote:

>My plan is to work with the CoLinux team to integrate CoLinux in to
>Windows and ReactOS as a POSIX subsystem. They are very interested in
>working with us on this project and have linked to reactos.com on the
My entire experience with CoLinux has to do with Dan Aloni grabbing me 
at a random hall a few weeks ago and telling me about it (actually - the 
first he did it was about half a year ago, but he really got my 
attention, making me late for a meeting, this time around).

While it's certainly an exiting project, I understood that it was NOT 
based on the Windows subsystem mechanism, but rather hacking your way 
into Windows NT's ring 0 using a device driver. While I'm a great fan of 
"if it works", wouldn't it be nicer, long run, to have a proper 
subsystem of it?

Also, what are you planning on doing with graphic applications? CoLinux 
works by running a X server on the windows machine. That's probably not 
the best solution there is. How is the ReactOS windowing back-end 


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