IE6/JSCRIPT: hook:NotifyWinEvent, imm:ImmGetContext

Abdul-Haseeb Ahmad abdul.ahmad at
Fri Jan 30 18:00:23 CST 2004

okay I've got nhl 2004 (and the demo) to go into the menus fine but in 
the full version in the main menu screen (which isnt in the demo, but 
this error occurs similarly in the demo menu screens that do exist) the 
drop down menus dont show when i click them; plus there are java script 
errors, seems like the different html/js files arent communicating with 
each other properly, prevents me from starting a game because no play 
button shows up in the demo's game setup screen (first menu screen in 
the demo, full version cant even get to the game setup screen, as the 
main menu buttons dont show), but i get messages in the terminal 
everytime i click on the dropdown menu buttons, and then click off of 
them as if the drop downs were actually there.. they look like this:

fixme:imm:ImmGetContext (0x1002f): stub
fixme:hook:NotifyWinEvent (32778,0x1002f,30,0)-stub!
fixme:hook:NotifyWinEvent (32773,0x1002f,31,0)-stub!

does anyone know what DLL's this message stems from? looks like an 
incomplete implemntation of something... I also get an error related to 
MSXML3.DLL as well when i run winedbg on it...

id really appreciate it if someone else looked at it and saw what was wrong

- clean installation of wine20031212
- ie6 installed via mike hearn's script
- nhl2004 demo installed 
- nhl2004 full version also installed (instructions at, bug info outdated, ill fix 
it up later today or tomorrow)
- fe/nhl/html/intro.html & fe/nhl/html/sting.html edited so that the 
movie doesnt load, just goes straight to next page
- DLLOverrides for nhl2004.exe/nhldemo.exe same as IE6 installed from 
Mike Hearn's script except also add oleaut32.dll (song names will show 
and in the demo the drop down menus will work)

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