debugger symbols and NPTL on RedHat 9

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Wed Jun 2 15:28:56 CDT 2004

Eric Pouech wrote:

>> While I'm doing ok at working like that, the client really prefers 
>> working with a GUI. When I try to run the program using the --gdb 
>> switch (with or without --no-start), debug symbols for the PE part 
>> are not shown. I get all the symbols for the ELF dlls (wine's DLLs), 
>> but not for the PE program.
> this isn't linked to the options from winedbg

While I agree in principle, in practice symbol lookups *appear* to work 
when winedbg is invoking the application directly.

>> Is this a solveable problem? The program is using PDBs for debug 
>> symbols, they are not compiled into the PEs. I can change that, I 
>> guess, but I would really rather not. Will changing that solve anything?
> I assumed you compiled your program with a recent version of msvc.

Visual studio 6.

> winedbg doesn't support the latest version of msvc symbolic 
> information. There are IIRC some options to turn on the eldest options 
> (which may end up in putting the info inside the EXE, but that's not 
> mandatory. but since I don't recall all the msvc switches YMMV).

VC6 offers the following options for their debug info:
Microsoft Format
COFF format

Any recommendations on what to use?

> BTW, I still looking for a decent documentation on latest MSVC 
> symbolic info to enhance your debugging support. If someone has some 
> info, I'm interested.
> A+

I don't know what VC7 offers, but it appears like noone is using it anyways.

Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting

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