Don't send messages when doing a ShowWindow(SW_HIDE) on an invisible window

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Jun 3 10:31:31 CDT 2004

"Mike Hearn" <mh at> wrote:

> This fixes TightVNC. Praise be to open source Windows apps! :)
> Mike Hearn <mh at>
> Don't send WM_SIZE, WM_MOVE nor WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING in ShowWindow when
> hiding an invisible window. Add a test for this behaviour which passes on
> Windows 2000 and Wine.

I think the real fix should be to test WS_VISIBLE style in ShowWindow
and do nothing for SW_HIDE && !WS_VISIBLE, or SW_SHOWxxx && WS_VISIBLE.
At least "Windows internals" book shows that Windows does that test.


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