How to determine if an application is running in Wine environ ment?

hatky hatky at
Fri Jun 11 07:03:10 CDT 2004

> Probably not, they have to release fixes of their own DLL's quite often 
> too   The only "lasting" thing they can do is make it illegal, anything 
> "technical" they do will be defeated eventually, you just have to figure 
> out what they did and do the same thing.

Did you hear of the MSN Messanger vs ICQ war?
Ms wanted to connect to icq and allow there users to chat with ICQ users, ICQ 
didn't want since it was kind of a one way connection and a leaching on their 
network, both sideds patched and relaesed thier programmes about 6 times in 
2hr, Ms then gave up for some reason :) 

Just noteing, don't expect that to happen any time some with wine... 

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