Where does richedit20.dll fit in the to-do list?

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Jun 18 21:41:30 CDT 2004

Steven Edwards wrote:
>>I keep running into apps that won't run without
>>richedit20.dll, yet I can't see any mention of
>>that DLL in the wine 0.9 or wine 1.0 tasklists.
>>Surely it's important enough to merit at least
>>a mention in the wine 1.0 tasklist?
> I have been thinking about creating a stub recently for this as we have
> the same problem in ReactOS. Richedit20 is a lot more advanced than the
> standard richedit (which we have hardly anything of) but I guess we
> could do the same thing we do now and make it a dummy wrapper around
> the edit control.

I guess it depends.  Is it better for an app to load and
look like crap (e.g. the help screen in http://www.grc.com/wizmo/wizmo.htm ),
or to refuse to load?  I guess I vote for "looks like crap".
Please keep us posted on your efforts so we don't both end
up writing that dummy wrapper...
- Dan

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