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Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Mon Jun 21 11:24:22 CDT 2004

> >I would say sponsoring Wineconf 2005 would be a better idea (so we could go
> >somewhere exotic (not that St Paul in winter was not exotic in a kinda
> >perverted way for most of us :-) )).
> >  
> >
> I have volunteered to organize it in Cyprus. I've already started 
> lobbying for that location. After last year's last minute "hey, it's 
> more comfortable in the US" change, I decided that long term preparation 
> for votes, like you do in any self-disrespecting parliament, is the only 
> way to go.

I just a did a quick search and found that airfare to Cyprus is about
twice that of anywhere in western Europe.  That's about what I would
expect too.  The cheapest flights from North America are generally
into London, Paris, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt.  Sometimes Madrid and
Rome are reasonable too.  Cyprus also adds a fair amount of travel
time.  Don't get me wrong  - Cyprus would be a cool destination and I
would love to travel there.  It's also wonderful someone is will to
try to organize a location other than North America.  However, I'm
willing to bet a Cyprus location will be such an inconvenient place to
get to that we'd keep a lot of people away.

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