Scrollbars, an application bug or a wine regression ? (#2314)

Gabriele Giorgetti g.giorgetti at
Fri Jun 25 11:31:04 CDT 2004

Hello, I've noticed a problem with scrollbars in the
latest Wine's release (20040615). With wine version
20040505 everything was just fine.

I've attacched a zip file with two screenshots
(pls. see wine BUG #2314 @ )
the first one is the correct behavior of the app using
wine 20040505 the second one is wine 20040615 and the
app in its wrong behavior.

Trying to describe the problem:
The application show up with a bottom scrollbar and
a right scrollbar even if they are not needed. When
executing the very same application, with the very
same settings and size with wine 20040505 the scrollbars
are not there.

I hope you get it


NB: BUG #2314 at

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