The Return of IE6 Problems

Mike Hearn mh at
Tue Nov 2 10:35:34 CST 2004

> The common denominator for this situation is that these patches modified 
> some of the same files.  Patch 13475 implemented itss.dll and modified 
> wine/dlls/, wine/ and wine/configure.  A partial 
> implementation of advpack.RegInstall, Patch 13938 also modified 
> wine/dlls/, wine/ and wine/configure in addition 
> to adding /wine/dlls/advpack/reg.c.  Although IE6 would still 
> initialize, patch 13937 added advpack to the repository.

Hi Dan,

Great work on the regression search! This is exactly the sort of 
information we need.

ITSS was implemented by Mike - as it's a component of IE I guess it 
should at least work with it so I'm CCing him. It may be that he 
implemented it for some other app rather than IE and he doesn't have 
time to bring it up to scratch for IE right now. I'm not sure.

The second patch suggests that we got RegInstall wrong. That needs to be 
fixed, but for now you can probably get IE back to a working state again 
by overriding both these DLLs as native (itss, advpack).

If you look at the script I wrote back in January, quite a lot of what 
it does is simply overriding various incomplete DLLs. I no longer 
maintain that script (buy CrossOver! :) but if you want to take over 
maintenance by all means do so, I'd be happy to help you get up to speed.

thanks -mike

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