Fix for metafile test

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Wed Nov 3 06:46:42 CST 2004

Jakob Eriksson <jakob at> writes:

> Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
>> "Ferenc Wagner" <wferi at> wrote:
>>> Winrash, which invokes winetest in most of the cases, is a
>>> service process running on an invisible desktop.  Winetest
>>> itself can happily run on the real visible desktop, it's
>>> just people seldom run it that way (ie. directly).
>> Then we need either instruct people to not run the tests from
>> the service or completely remove that possibility altogether.
> Or check the option to "allow service to interact with desktop".

Is that a service option or what?  I don't really know
anything about Windows services.  If you can fix this issue
in winrash please do so.

> But I'd rather see that as many tests as possible can be
> run from the service as is.  There are many APIs out there
> which do not use a desktop and if we loose the winrash
> testers we lose maybe 90% of the test reports.

I really wonder what share of the reports come from winrash
instances, but I don't think you underestimate it.  Removing
this possibility would hardly buy anything for us, but a
flag similar to bRunningUnderWine could be added indeed.
Just patch it into winetest or send me some code and I will
do the gruntwork.

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