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Sat Nov 13 12:11:30 CST 2004

Chris Morgan wrote:
> The appdb does this when you delete comments by modifying the page headers to 
> point you back at the parent page so you see a message at the top and you end 
> up back where you started.  In adminAppQueue.php we start the headers way at 
> the top of the file, its probably easier to do it there than to defer it to 
> later on and do it before you start outputting the page.  
> We could set a refresh time but I'm not sure if that has to go in the page 
> headers or not.
> Anyone that knows php have an idea how to do this?
> Chris
I can rework this page to do what Ivan wants. I have a couple of things I want
to do here and that was one of them. Another is to have the ability to delete
the rather than approve the app from the approval screen. I also want to send
an email (with an explanation) out to the submitter when we delete it from the
queue. I should be submitting somthing for this next week.


Tony Lambregts

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